Welcome to the Home of the Rams! We have many reasons to be proud of our school. Our achievement can be attributed to the many dedicated teachers, students, administrators, and family members who have worked continuously to improve student learning. Rapid Run is recognized as a National and Ohio School To Watch. Our school is also recognized as a National PTA School of Excellence for Parent and Family Involvement. For eight consecutive years RRMS has earned an “Excellent” rating from the Ohio Department of Education.

Located in Delhi Township, Rapid Run Middle School serves nearly 650 students in grades 6 – 8 every day. Our school is designed to meet the unique academic, social, physical, and emotional needs of adolescent learners. To accomplish this task we have strong partnerships with PTA, local businesses, and colleges and universities.  We are dedicated to ensuring that all students gain the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in the 21st Century. This preparation takes place in the classroom and in the many exceptional co-curricular programs that help to build student confidence and success. There is tremendous support for helping students successfully navigate the transition from elementary to middle school and from middle school to high school.

[one_half=”yes”] [accordian] [toggle title=”Mission Statement” open=”yes”]All Rapid Run Middle School students will be inspired to take ownership of their education, achieve at high levels and be successful life-long learners.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Vision Statement”]Rapid Run Middle School will become nationally recognized as a premier middle school for academic achievement, staff accomplishments, and extra-curricular activities.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Core Beliefs”]
  1. All students can learn

No matter what the circumstances, all students have the potential for growth. We recognize that motivation, learning styles and levels of achievement will vary, but we must have measures of success for all students.

2. High expectations for success must be the norm
This is true for students and staff. We must set ambitious but attainable goals and then hold ourselves and our students accountable for meeting those goals while providing the necessary supports to do so.

3. Trust is vital
Trust is the link between students, teachers, administrators, parents and the community that allows for the flow of ideas and builds a safe environment for success and high expectations.

4. All students have unique skills and talents
Students have individual needs that require strategies which focus on and build upon their strengths in order to help them reach their potential.

5. School climate contributes to achievement
The school must foster physical and emotional safety which enables students and staff to feel comfortable taking risks. Respect and positive fellowship between and among students and staff will lead to a togetherness that will increase school spirit. High self efficacy on the part of staff and students will lead to increased achievement levels.

6. Education is a shared responsibility
When the staff, students, parents and community are working together, everyone benefits. We need to take ownership of all students in our school regardless of their grade level or class assignment.

7. Rates of learning vary
Students learn at different rates. We need to celebrate small successes with our students so that they are more aware of their accomplishments and have increased incentive to continue to strive to learn. We need to push our students beyond the boundaries of our curriculum.

8. Cooperation is essential
We need to intentionally incorporate collaboration between students into our classrooms. Staff must set a positive example for the students by showing respect for each other and collaboration between and among grade levels and special area classes.

9. Optimism is critical
The staff and students must truly believe that together they can achieve anything. Morale is contagious. It starts with the adults in the building and trickles down to the students.

10. School improvement is a process, not an event
School improvement is an endless journey. There will never be a time when we can stop and think that we have arrived. We must constantly strive to improve what we do and find more ways to foster intellectual and emotional growth in our students.
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