Our Oakdale School Counselor is Mrs. Amy Cutter You may reach her during school hours at 574-1100, or by email, Cutter_A@ohlsd.org.  Our Oakdale School Psychologist is Mrs. Julia Lawhead. You may reach her during school hours at 574-1100, or by email, Lawhead_J@ohlsd.org

The role of the Guidance Counselor and School Psychologist……..
Our Guidance Department at Oakdale includes 2 school psychologists, Ms. Amy Grayson, Ed. S. and Mrs. Julia Lawhead, Ed. S. School psychologists help ensure the academic, behavioral, emotional, and social well-being of students. Our psychologists coordinate Special Services for our students, provide educational assessment, and develop small group activities that focus on developing social skills, making friends, and processing difficult life experiences. They are also available to provide individual counseling on a short-term basis. Please note that this is not therapeutic counseling and any information shared with psychologists will be kept confidential unless a child reveals information about hurting themselves or another person, information about child abuse, or information about criminal activity.