Ovation is a 70 member fourth and fifth grade elementary choir that is unique to Oakdale Elementary. The group is open to all fourth and fifth grade boys and girls. Ovation annually performs at multiple school and community events. Performances include a Holiday Concert, Spring Musical, and Spring Concert. Ovation also has the honor of performing the National Anthem at a Cincinnati Reds Game each spring. Ovation rehearses on Thursdays after school until 4:15.

Please contact Mrs. McKnight for more information

Fifth Grade Band

Band is open to all fifth grade students at Oakdale Elementary and is a full year class. Band class is in place of Fifth Grade General Music. Students will learn to play a band instrument in an ensemble setting. Instrument options are from the Brass, Woodwind, and Percussion families. The band annually performs at a Holiday Concert, the Oak Hills Band Festival, and a Spring Concert. Band sign-ups happen at the end of the Fourth Grade year.

Please contact Mrs. McKnight for more information

Walking Club

For grades 3-5. The purpose of the Walking Club is two-fold: one, it is great exercise in a non-competitive environment.  The second reason is to allow all students the chance to be part of a school club. We walk one mile after school and log our miles on a map.


A great way for students to engage in physical activity after school. We play such games/sports as flag football, volleyball, mat ball, dodgeball, scooter hockey and bowling (at Stump’s).

Cup Stacking Club

Speed Stacking is an exciting individual or team sport where participants stack and unstuck specially designed cups in specific patterns.
Some of the benefits of Speed Stacking: hand eye coordination and reaction time, right and left brain activation, and fitness (testing says the same amount of energy expenditure as bowling, volleyball and walking).