Greetings Oakdale Family,

Welcome to Oakdale Elementary School!  We are a neighborhood school serving 700 Kindergarten through 5th grade students in the Oak Hills Local School District.  We have a dedicated staff, an involved parent community, and we are proud of our school.  At Oakdale, we strive to ensure that each child is successful and engaged by providing a rich academic program and a range of enrichment opportunities.  We pride ourselves on fostering a safe, caring and inclusive school culture where each child is embraced as a unique individual.

We encourage all parents to get involved in our school. We know that your children thrive when we work together as partners and have open communication.  Our teachers are very dedicated and are accessible through email or by calling the main office.  Please feel welcome to talk with me or our assistant principal, Mr. Brooks Klosterman, regarding questions, concerns, compliments and/or friendly advice.  We are often in classrooms or out on campus with kids and teachers supporting our learning programs, so you will often not find us in the office.  However, we do truly value communication, so please feel free to grab us for a chat on campus or schedule a face-to-face or telephone meeting so we can talk more privately. Sheri and Sherry in the front office will be happy to arrange this for us.  I thank you for entrusting your child to us and I am excited to have you as part of the Oakdale family.

Geoff Harold

Mr. Brooks Klosterman, Assistant Principal
Mrs. Sheri Knapp, Secretary
Mrs. Sherry Smith, Secretary