Oak Hills Local School District seeks to inspire students to explore their greatest hopes and dreams. We believe that habits are formed at an early age, therefore it is during the first years of school that our students are introduced to the Oak Hills Habits of Mind.

These Habits of Mind are purposefully infused in learning opportunities that every student will experience:


Human Relations and Communication

  • To develop and master verbal and nonverbal communication skills such as reading, writing, listening, observing, speaking, questioning, analyzing, and evaluating
  • To understand cultural communication protocols to promote positive interaction and effective dialogue, including bilingual ability


  • To respond effectively to unexpected situations and uncertainty and recognize the need for change
  • To think critically, problem solve, analyze, and synthesize
  • To employ a wide range of skills and abilities to be marketable across several professions

Building Academic and Personal Excellence

  • To set goals for the future and pursue purposefully planned learning activities and experiences
  • To develop skills in research and analysis
  • To perform at the peak of personal ability
  • To increase self awareness and practice reflection


  • To independently seek answers to complex questions and accept the challenge of experiencing new and difficult tasks
  • To experiment and thoughtfully take risks with the goal of positive change
  • To think creatively and approach tasks through multiple perspectives
  • To learn through inquiry and expand the boundaries of traditional thought

Teamwork and Collaboration

  • To work as a team player: being open-minded, cooperative, respectful, providing input and accepting feedback to build consens<
  • To develop strong networking skills-sharing personal expertise and accessing the expertise of others

Societal Outreach

  • To understand the impact that actions have upon the global community as well as the influence the global community has on the individual
  • To gain expertise in the application of technology in order to access the world beyond the classroom walls