Intramurals is an after school club that meets twice a week during the months of October through April. It is a game- based after school activity in which each child participating gets an equal amount of playing time. Any student in grades 3,4 or 5 is eligible to participate. We meet after school from 3:45-4:40. 3rd and 4th grade meets every Monday and 5th grade meets every Wednesday. Students must be picked up promptly at 4:45. If you have any more questions please email Mrs. Cohill at

Dulles Leadership Academy

The Dulles Leadership Academy (DLA) is an elite and talented group of 5th grade role models. Every summer, prior to the new school year, incoming 5th graders, spend two days in leadership camp. In camp, they practice working in collaborative groups, problem solving together, and learning very quickly when to be a good leader and when to be a good follower. The rest of their 5th grade year they participate in the following activities: Safety Patrol, Winners Walk Tall, Buddy Reading, Morning Announcements, Flag Duties, Hosting PTA functions, and Good Citizen Projects. The Academy believes that is never too early to develop leadership skills. For more information on DLA contact Mrs. Jorden at

Green Team

Dulles’ Green Team consists of fourth graders who collect all the paper recycling bins located around our school. On Fridays the “Green Teamers” go to their assigned teacher/room bin and bring the bin to the large green and yellow bin located outside our school. We can recycle newspaper, magazines, office and school papers, shopping catalogs, and old mail. We can’t recycle plastics, metals, or TRASH. Our school earns .15 cents per ton. To date we have earned approximately $70 which is about 13 tons of recycled paper products. GO DULLES GREEN TEAM! For more information on the Green Team contact Mrs. Duwel-Glassmeyer at

5th Grade Drama

Every spring Dulles fifth grade students plan, practice and perform a mini-musical production. All fifth grade students who want to participate are given some role in the drama. Tryouts occur in March and the performances occur during May! For more information on tryouts and performances please check the Statesman.

Jump Rope for Heart

Jump Rope for Heart is an event conducted nationwide to educate students about the benefits of aerobic exercise and heart health while raising funds to support the American Heart Association’s fight against heart disease and stroke. At Dulles, all 4th and 5th grade students collect money from family and neighbors to be donated to the AHA. On the day of their event, money is collected, and the students jump rope various ways to music. (double dutch, partner jumping, single rope jumping, etc.) as treats are given. According to the amount of money collected, students receive prizes from the AHA and our school qualifies for money for sport equipment and a chance to have the Ropin’ Rockets Demo team perform at a school assembly free of charge. Top collectors also help on the school’s Track Days in May. If you have any more questions please email Mrs. Cohill at

PASS Tutoring

This year-long tutoring program matches a third, fourth, or fifth grader with a tutor from the Oak Hills High School Key Club. These high school students volunteer 45 minutes a week after school to tutor their elementary school counterpart in reading and math. Placement in the program occurs through teacher and administrator recommendation. If you have any more questions please email Mrs. Sabato at