Dear J.F. Dulles Elementary School Parents,

As you know, we have a delayed start every 2nd and 4th Wednesday that school is in session. Some of you participate in the meetings that occur during that time, and many of you have participated in them in the past. For those who have not participated, I would like to break down for you exactly what we do during those meetings. Our staff is broken up into seven teams, and each team has parents, community members or business partners that participate as well. The teams are based on the Effective Schools Model. The Effective Schools Model is based on over 40 years of research that has shown that the schools which are most effective in our country have seven things in common. Those things are:

  1. a clear and focused mission,
  2. a safe and orderly environment,
  3. a climate of high expectation for student success,
  4. frequent monitoring of student progress,
  5. the opportunity to learn,
  6. strong instructional leadership, and
  7. positive home-school relations.

Since those seven aspects are correlated highly to making the school effective, they are referred to as the correlates of effective schools. This is where our term Correlate Team is derived. Each of our teams examines  school improvement through the lens of one of these areas. Our teams set specific goals for the school year. Following are this school year’s goals for each team:

Safe and Orderly Environment

  • Positive Behavior Supports: Implement PBS program to ensure that a system for teaching behavioral expectations is in place. (Tier I and Tier II, PBS).
  • Collect and analyze data through AIMSWeb system to identify trends and patterns in behavior so that PBS lessons can be adjusted and proper booster lessons administered.

Instructional Leadership

  • Look 2 Learning: Strengthen teacher leadership capacity by developing cadres of teacher leaders who can analyze Look 2 Learning data and create teacher led professional development opportunities in identified areas of need.
  • RtI Professional Development: Provide professional development and support to increase teacher efficacy in progress monitoring in reading and math.
  • Provide professional development in the design and use of formative assessments.

Clear and Focused Mission

  • Positive Behavior Supports: Monitor implementation of school wide PBS incentives.
  • Collect data about incentives and work with safe and orderly correlate to determine effectiveness of incentive programs.
  • Develop and implement informational campaign about PBS for parents and community members.

Climate of High Expectations

  • Future Planning Document: Investigate and pilot the use of “Future Planning Document” for 5th grade.
  • Examine use of “Future Planning Document with other grade levels.
  • Learning Style Portfolio: Monitor use of pilot program of learning style inventory in 3rd grade.
  • Make revisions to learning style portfolio for following year.
  • Examine use of learning style portfolio with other grade levels.

Opportunity to Learn / Time on Task

  • Oak Hills Habits of Mind : Oversee the creation of student friendly version of “Habits of Mind”
  • Define age-appropriate expectations and indicators for student mastery of the” Habits of Mind” and strategies for weaving 21st Century activities into instruction.

Positive Home School Relations

  • Social Emotional Support : Investigate mental health and social emotional supports and services for students to access curriculum and improve students’ academic results.
  • Forge relationships/partnerships with outside agencies and resources to provide services to students and families.

Frequent Monitoring of Student Progress

  • Response to Intervention: Explain, implement and monitor use of the district RtI rubrics and guidelines.
  • Assessment: Plan and monitor use of 4sight program for grades 3-5.
  • Plan and monitor use of new formative assessments from “Reading Street program.
  • Create new grade level rubrics to allow teachers an efficient means for collecting and analyzing formative assessment data.

If these goals sound appealing to you, and you would like to be involved in their planning and implementation, it is not too late to join. We welcome the addition of any parent or community member to any of our seven Correlate Teams. If you would like to join, or have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact either Mr. Toon or Mrs. Beth Riesenberger by email or by phone at 574-3443. Thank you again for all that you do to make our school and district EXCELLENT!


Elizabeth Riesenberger, Principal

Office Contact Information

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