Delshire Students, Staff, and Parents,

It is with great excitement that I want to welcome you to the 2016­2017 school year at Delshire Elementary. This year promises to be filled with excitement, learning, and continued growth. Our theme for the year is “The Delshire Learner.” This means that we will be looking at the key factors that assure success for our students and making sure that we are doing everything possible to fulfill our Vision for Delshire Elementary. I would like to highlight some plans that you will see this year and invite you to be a part of the wonderful things that will be happening at Delshire.

First, before discussing this year’s theme, it is important to note that our staffing will remain stable this year compared to last year. Last year was a year of massive change which included welcoming 8+ new staff members. At the time of this letter we are primed to have similar staff numbers, student numbers, and personnel next year with minimal changes. Delshire is a school serving roughly 550 Preschool through 5th grade students in Delhi Township.

We currently have 17 highly talented Grade­level teachers with a full range of Specials Teachers, Special Education Supports, Related Service Personnel, and Title I Intervention Supports. This year, our emphasis on “The Delshire Learner” will build on work that we did last year with Corwin Press and Mrs. Tanny McGregor along with our Positive Behavior Supports work. We will be helping students to explore the behavioral expectations and learner qualities that lead to being a successful student. In terms of Behavioral Expectations, we will continue to emphasis the three “Rs” of Delshire­ Respectful, Responsible, and Ready. Teachers will be helping students to understand these factors and how they create a positive learning culture within the classroom and the larger Delshire Community. In relation to learning, we will be introducing students to learner qualities this year. These are characteristics that research, and our experience, has demonstrated produces successful lifelong learners.

The learner qualities that we will be emphasizing are: Motivated, Self­Aware, and Persistent. I expect that your child will be hearing a lot more about these in the upcoming months.

The Delshire Learner | Respectful, Responsible, Ready + Motivate, Self-Aware and Persistent

We are again fortunate to be working with Mrs. Tanny McGregor this year. Mrs. McGregor is an internationally recognized instructional coach who will work with our staff and students to help present powerful instructional techniques to improve reading. Additionally, this year, we will be working with Mrs. Lisa Vahey who will be working with teachers and students to support our adoption of new writing materials. Together, Mrs. McGregor and Mrs. Vahey will help to improve the learning experience for students by giving the teachers and staff applied and effective teaching strategies. These significant professional development activities will help us continue to bring the very best to our students by focusing on key skills.

Student safety will continue to be an emphasis this year. Working collaboratively with The Delhi Police and Fire Department we will practice drills and routines throughout the year and will work to refine our safety procedures. Additionally, we will emphasize safety policies with parents. We encourage parents to remember to sign ­in at the office and obey procedures during drop­off and pick­up. We know that Delshire is a safe place and the chance of an emergency situation occurring is minimal. However, practicing and being prepared is not only important but also an excellent skill to model for our students.

Please take the time, this year, to become an active participant in your child’s education and The Delshire Community. It has been my honor to serve as Principal these past two years and I look forward to serving you and the Delshire Community during the upcoming year. I am committed to providing your child a quality education, therefore I am often in classrooms or out in the building with students and teachers supporting learning. This means that you will often not find me in the office. If there is ever anything that I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me. If I am not available, Jacquie Matre or Jo Hart will be able to take a message or schedule a time when we can talk.

Thank you for entrusting your child to us and thank you for being a part of the Delshire Family.

Let’s work together to do amazing things,

Mark Winters

*It should be noted that the professional development activities (i.e., Tanny MCGregor and Corwin Press) along with the new technology were all purchased using Federal Title I Funds.

Other District Phone Numbers:

Absence Line: 347-2970
Safe Schools Hot Line: 574-9444
Transportation: 574-2161
Food Service: 598-2959