Delhi Middle School Policies

The policies of Delhi Middle school are designed to be both specific to Delhi and yet remain within the policies established by the School Board for the entire Oak Hills Local Schools District. The following section contains the polices developed for Delhi and links to the District policies where appropriate.

Medication Policy

Students are not permitted to carry any medication (prescription or over the counter) on their person. All medicine that a student is required to take during the school day MUST be taken to the clinic by the parent/guardian. Prescription medicine must be in its original container and accompanied by the completed proper forms, which can be obtained through the clinic. These forms are:
1. Physician’s request for the administration of prescriptions.
2. Parental authorization and release.

Failure to follow this policy could result in a ten-day suspension with a recommendation to the superintendent for expulsion.

DMS Tardy Policy

The Delhi Middle School faculty request that students are on time to school each day. In the past we have had 10%-20% of our students tardy to school each day. This is highly disruptive to our educational practice. Classrooms are continuously interrupted with students entering after 7:35 a.m. and when students start the day off a few steps behind their peers, it becomes hard to get back on track for the remainder of the school day. To counteract this problem, the DMS faculty will hold to the following policy regarding tardy students.

We appreciate your support emphasizing the importance that your child is on time for school.

Student Code of Conduct