The musical is open to students who are interested in being part of a theatrical production. Auditions occur in August with the final production in October.  Being involved requires a significant time commitment with rehearsals daily after school for a period of 6-7 weeks.  Character roles are open to 7th and 8th graders only, while Stage Crew is open to all grades, 6-8.


In March, Delhi Middle School celebrates National Youth Art Month in a big way. One event is the Family Art Night when all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students and their families are invited to participate in a hands-on art workshop evening.No art experience is needed, just a willingness to be open to new experiences and new materials. A finished product will be taken home by all who participate. Refreshments are served.


What was once an after school audition-only Show Choir is now being offered to 8th grade students as a full year course for high school credit.  This is an elite course for students who are serious about pursuing music and are willing to put forth much time and energy towards it.  Students in this course will expand their vocal skills, choreograph their own dance moves, and be involved in a variety of performance venues both during and after school (including but not limited the Naturalization Ceremony, Grandparents Day, Veteran’s Day Assembly, Academic D Breakfasts, singing the national anthem at home athletic events, singing at evening concerts at the school, involvement in the school musical, and taking tours to sing at community venues such as nursing homes). It is expected that students will commit their time outside of the normal school day if necessary.  Students enrolling in Illusions need to have at least one year of prior Vocal Music experience (through Vocal Music class in 6th and 7th grades, or through Illusions/ Select Choir in past years) AND be approved/recommended by the teacher.


Select choir is a preparatory vocal group that sings, dances, and performs for many school events and throughout the community.  The group is open to all 6th and 7th grade students interested in music, singing and dancing who are willing to work hard and make the necessary time commitments to succeed (and of course, have FUN in the process!) No auditions are necessary.

Students will be required to pay a $10 participation fee to join the group.  This fee covers the cost of a T-shirt that will serve as his/her performance uniform as well as props and other costumes as needed throughout the year.   Checks may be made payable to DMS.

For the 1st Semester:
6th Grade: TUESDAYS from 2:30-3:15PM
7th Grade: THURSDAYS from 2:30-3:15PM
For the 2nd Semester:
The Choirs will COMBINE and meet every TUESDAY and THURSDAY from 2:30-3:15PM, in order to prepare for the King’s Island festival in May (an adjudicated event where students sing 3-4 prepared pieces for a panel of judges in the morning at Loveland Middle School, spend the day at Kings Island amusement park, and attend an awards ceremony that recognizes their accomplishments.  In order to be successful, there will need to be more frequent rehearsals).


Stage Crew is an opportunity for students in grades 6-8 to get involved with what happens “behind the scenes” in our DMS productions (Del-Hi-Lites in the fall and the musical in the Spring).  Members will work as a team to operate lighting and sound equipment, props, the curtain, and anything else that needs done.  Stage Crew requires a significant time commitment with daily after school rehearsals prior to the production.  Announcements will be made over the PA system whenever we are looking for Stage Crew members, and students will need to attend an informational meeting and fill out the appropriate paperwork.  Members will then be chosen by the teacher in charge of Stage Crew for each production (Mrs. Zix in the fall and Mrs. Schibi in the Spring).


All Delhi students are encouraged to audition for this very special talent show. Students are expected to prepare acts for the show. Impact teachers will assist students by being sponsors. The best and most prepared acts will be chosen. Students may choose to be part of the stage crew for this show.


An after school sports program. Players compete against each other instead of teams from other schools. Cooperation, team work, good sportsmanship, and competition are some of the qualities that are stressed.  Intramurals are competitive, but the primary goal is for the participants to have fun. Everyone is welcome.  Delhi Middle School offers an after school sports program that is open to all sixth grade boys and girls. Student’s can sign up for:
– Softball in the fall
– Basketball in the winter
– Soccer in the spring
Teams meet each Wednesday from 2:15-3:30


An after school sports program. Players compete against each other instead of teams from other schools in a gym class favorite game of MatBall. Cooperation, team work, good sportsmanship and competition are some of the qualities that are stressed. Games are competitive, but the primary goal is for the participants to have fun. Everyone is welcome. Leagues will form in the fall, winter and early spring.  Information will be passed out at school.  Leagues will run from 2:20 to 3:00 p.m.