Tim Pope and Chad Cornelius’ eighth grade math classes from Delhi Middle School recently took a field trip to Delhi Skate Park to analyze and calculate the slope of different ramps.The students were given the challenge to design and build a model of a new ramp to attract more skaters using the Engineering Design Process.

DMS math students“This project allowed me to see how I can use what I learn in math class in the real world,” Delhi student Justin Singleton shared. Students used their knowledge of slope to create the new attraction and apply this information to a real-life scenario.

“We enjoyed the chance to work as a team to complete a hands-on project,” Emma Pohlman said. Alexis Bohemer added, “designing and building the ramp was the best part.”

Teachers from across the Oak Hills Local School District are participating in the CEEMS (Cincinnati Engineering Enhanced Math and Science Program) program through the University of Cincinnati. “The CEEMS program taught me to create the opportunity for students to use the Engineering Design Process to solve real-world problems,” Pope shared. “This project allowed students to work collaboratively in a team to solve a problem relevant to their everyday lives. It was a rewarding to see how actively engaged and creative the students were as a whole.”

DMS  skate ramp created in math classParticipating teachers earn 20 graduate credit hours over two summers, develop innovative classroom modules aligned to content standards that incorporate engineering challenges, and receive stipends for successful completion and implementation of those modules. For more information about the CEEMS program, visit:http://ceas.uc.edu/special_programs/ceems/CEEMS_Home.html.