Hello and Welcome to C.O Harrison Elementary School.

We are very excited about the 2015-2016 school year and all the possibilities it presents.  We want to grow your child and ensure they are reaching their maximum potential each and every day.  We have many programs in place and some new programs that we will be working on this school year, to help us build a rich educational foundation for all of our students.

We want to provide a learning climate that allows students to be themselves; and one that shows respect for all students and staff in our building.  It will stress parent communication, and celebrate the diversity of our community.  Along with these items, our ultimate goal is to build meaningful, supportive relationships with our students.

Our focus is to provide an educational setting with a curriculum that encourages not only learning how to find information but also how to solve problems.  We will do this by integrating technology, higher level thinking skills, and real –time assessments to ensure the success of our students.

We encourage any and all support from you, our parents, in helping our students and our schools in living up to the district mission:

“All students attending the Oak Hills Local School District achieve success by graduating with individual skills for career and college readiness and global competence.”

Be Your Best Self,

Brian Conners & Emily Winkle


C.O. Harrison Elementary School
585 Neeb Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45233
Mrs. Debbie Ellis, Secretary
Mrs. Jan Collini, Secretary