December 2015

Supt.’s ON – Ep. 33

December 28th, 2015|Supt.'s ON Podcast|

Oak Hills Athletic Booster President, Sherry Gregor is back in the studio to speak about the Sports Stag happening in January. Tune in to hear more about it. There are plenty more student achievements to hear, so make sure you listen for those. Hope you have a great holiday break [...]

Supt.’s ON – Ep. 32

December 22nd, 2015|Supt.'s ON Podcast|

This episode of Supt.'s ON, Director of Human Resources, Jeff Brandt stops by to talk about the needs for substitute teachers. Listen to get all of the details and more information can be found at Also he will highlight some great school news happening around the district. We hope [...]

Supt.’s ON – Ep. 31

December 15th, 2015|Supt.'s ON Podcast|

This episode of Supt.'s ON talks about some student accomplishments at the state level. There is also discussion on more information about all day kindergarten implementation. There is also discussion about cold temperature conditions and our blizzard bag implementation. Much more news in the episode, tune in to hear. Thank you [...]

Supt.’s ON – Ep. 30

December 8th, 2015|Supt.'s ON Podcast|

Welcome back from the Thanksgiving break and we hope you had a restful break. The Supt.'s ON with a new episode. Don't forget about the OHAB Sports Stag on January 18, 2015, with speaker Pete Rose. There is also a discussion about our future One2One program with Chromebooks. There is [...]

Supt.’s ON – Ep. 29

December 1st, 2015|Supt.'s ON Podcast|

We have an exciting Sup.t's On for you this week. Director of eLearning for the district is in studio with Superintendent to talk about all of the exciting technology changes and implementations in our district. Listen to get connected.

November 2015

Supt.’s ON – Ep. 28

November 24th, 2015|Supt.'s ON Podcast|

The superintendent is back on and talks a little bit about our Elementary Spanish classes. There is also discussion on how our students are giving back to the schools and communities. Make sure you tune in to stay connected on all of the great news and events in our schools. [...]

Supt.’s ON – Ep. 27

November 17th, 2015|Supt.'s ON Podcast|

This episode of Supt.'s ON welcomes guest Pete Landrum, Township Administrator for Delhi Township, regarding development on Delhi Pike. Tune in to hear all about what is coming up for this great township.  

Supt.’s ON – Ep. 26

November 10th, 2015|Supt.'s ON Podcast|

The Supt.'s is ON and back with a special guest speaking about the annual Ladies Night Out fundraiser. You will have to listen to the podcast for additional information. Congratulations to Paul Cooper and Jan Hunter as they have won the two seats that were open in the past election [...]

Supt.’s ON – Ep. 25

November 3rd, 2015|Supt.'s ON Podcast|

Superintendent talks about getting out to vote on November 3, 2015. Also, remember if you missed the school board forum, you can go watch them on the district website. LIVE Twitter chat from Z98 studios will be on November 4 at 12 p.m. LIVE on the air at 98.1. The [...]

October 2015

Supt.’s ON – Ep. 24

October 27th, 2015|Supt.'s ON Podcast|

Superintendent Todd Yohey is back this week with some more great news from the Oak Hills Local School District. There is some news about some of our students and staff accomplishments in the arts department. There is more in the podcast, you will just have to tune in to hear. [...]